Change the way you pay.

What's a ChangeCard?
It's a patented promotional product that gets your company's message across to people of all ages — from grade school to senior citizen. It's a unique educational tool that teaches kids how to make change, how to manage money, and how to understand America's monetary system. It's a terrific game that anybody can play online, at school, or with a Palm Pilot — while learning at the same time. And it's a coin-holder — a brand-new way to handle your change all day, every day. No bigger than a credit card, the ChangeCard fits right in your wallet. It holds ten coins (4 pennies, 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 1 nickel) — the fewest possible coins to keep exact change from $.01 to $.99 right at your fingertips.

Why do You need a ChangeCard?
If you have students or entry-level employees to train in the mysteries of making change, the ChangeCard does it quickly, accurately, and efficiently — with an unforgettable element of fun. If you're a money-minded person, the ChangeCard game helps make you a whiz at every kind of cash transaction. If you're in any financial industry, the ChangeCard is a dynamic promotional tool that reinforces good customer cash-handling habits and fosters corporate ties with your customers' schools and communities. And no matter who you are, the ChangeCard ends that annoying jingle of loose coins in your pocket or purse, makes cash transactions faster and more convenient, and ends those piles of change all over the house that you never quite get rid of.

How do you use a ChangeCard?
It's easy! When it's full of coins, the ChangeCard puts exact change for any purchase right at your fingertips. And when it's not quite full, it gives you just the coins you need or just the right place for the change you'll get from your dollar. Either way, the ChangeCard holds all the change you need!

So why a ChangeCard game?
Practice! With a little basic knowledge about American coinage, you can quickly learn to use your ChangeCard so that you never end up with more coins than will fit on it. The ChangeCard Game is a fun way to learn these basic monetary skills, and to brush up on your math at the same time!

What's the Beginner level?
The Beginner level of the ChangeCard Game orients you to the ChangeCard and teaches you where to put each coin. After you click on the correct coins to match the purchase or "Pay" amount, the game refills the card for you automatically.

What's the Intermediate level?
The Intermediate level takes it a step farther: it pops up random Pay amounts to help you learn to use dollars along with coins most efficiently — ending up with the fewest possible coins.

What's the Advanced level?
The Advanced level of the game takes the ChangeCard into the real world — it generates random Pay amounts just like those you'll find in everyday life.

What's the Palm Pilot version?
The Palm Pilot ChangeCard Game is downloadable and portable. And it has an added "Game Mode" that gives you 60 seconds to complete as many transactions as possible.

What's a Score Code?
"Game Mode" gives you a a score validation code so that your high scores make you a contender for The ChangeCard Hall of Fame!

Where can I get a ChangeCard?
The ChangeCard is not yet available in stores. With its tremendous potential for corporate tie-ins with schools and for broad-market advertising, it's designed primarily as a promotional product. If you'd like to see a sample or would like to place an order, please contact: Dorothee Morse

Who invented the ChangeCard?
Owen Morse

Who wrote the ChangeCard games?
Andrew Morse